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ASPIRE Internship Opportunity: Commission on Novel Technologies for Neurodevelopmental CNVs Grant Matchmaker Intern (Remote)

Posted by on Monday, November 15, 2021 in Announcements .

ASPIRE Internship Opportunity:
Commission on Novel Technologies for Neurodevelopmental CNVs
Grant Matchmaker Intern
Winter 2022

Founded by Project 8p Foundation, Dup15Q Alliance, and Ring14 USA, the Commission on Novel Technologies for Neurodevelopmental CNVs is a consortium currently focused on studying copy number variants (CNVs) and structural variants (SVs), including Chromosome 8p deletions/duplications, Dup15q and Ring Chromosome 14 and related disorders.

Mission:  Establish a patient-led Commission to rapidly tackle scientific and financial resources collectively to prioritize treatment for those living with neurodevelopmental chromosome disorders

Vision: Advance the field of technological discovery for treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders with a focus on copy number variants and structural variants

Members: Key opinion leaders in the fields of genetics, neuroscience, translation, and drug development as well as patient community leaders

Grant Matchmaker Intern: One of the highest hurdles in rare disease is funding the critical science that must be done in order to get to translation and drug development for the community. Historically, much of the (initial) funding has come from Patient Advocacy Groups, putting another huge burden on the families. The Commission is hoping to switch this paradigm and act as facilitator rather than funder.  As such, the Commission is seeking an intern volunteer to assist the Commission members in locating appropriate funding opportunities for the research initiatives laid out in the Research Roadmap and help manage the grant submission process. This skill of finding RFAs, either from government or NGO funders, and then applying is critical in both academia and non-profit settings. The intern will work closely with the Commission founders: Bina Shah, Vanessa Vogel-Farley, and Yssa DeWoody, PhD.


  • Interact with and learn from key researchers and clinicians in the fields of neuroscience, genetics, and genomics who study neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • Learn how to identify funding sources and strategic fit from Government, Industry/Corporate, and family foundation funding sources
  • Interact with NIH directors and other funders
  • Learn how to pair research projects with appropriate RFAs
  • Learn aspects of the various grant application processes
  • Gain exposure to the professional culture in a national non-profit scientific foundation
  • Network with scientific foundation professionals


  • Internship will start January 15, 2022 and run through March 2022 with the opportunity to extend pending review.
  • Internship is remote, unpaid, part-time (max 8-10 hours per week); opportunity to transform into paid internship beyond 3 months
  • The intern will support the commission as needed and gain new skills through phone calls/ conference calls/zoom calls
  • Must have authorization to work in the US

Applications due by midnight, Monday, January 3, 2022

To apply:

Your information will then be passed along to the host who will contact you directly to schedule an interview.

Please review ASPIRE Internship FAQs: Found here

For further questions, please contact Ashley Brady (

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants must be a current Vanderbilt University PhD student or a current postdoctoral fellow.
  • All PhD students must have completed all coursework for their degree prior to the start of the internship.
  • Biomedical PhD students must also have passed their qualifying exams before the application deadline.
  • Students and postdocs may not participate in more than one internship at a time.  More than one application may be submitted at a single time, but only one position can be accepted.
  • If you are not in a department supported by the BRET office, we will also require that you complete a form guaranteeing PI approval to participate in this program.  Please contact Ashley Brady at for more information.
  • If you are an international student or postdoctoral fellow, your visa status may affect your work eligibility. Please contact Ashley Brady ( to discuss this further.
  • Must have authorization to work in the US

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