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Job Opportunity: Scientific Data Curator (Biostatistician), VUMC, Nashville, TN

Posted by on Tuesday, February 1, 2022 in Job Opportunities .

The candidate for this position will lead data and metadata curation for human pancreas and islet phenotyping projects. As a member of a multidisciplinary research team, they will coordinate and maintain project timelines, assess and continually improve on best practices for local metadata/data storage and annotation, and assist group members with data analysis, visualization, and sharing. These responsibilities will include supporting the Pancreatlas™ imaging resource (, a public platform created at Vanderbilt to bring together imaging data from human pancreas samples to accelerate diabetes-related research. The candidate will assist contributors with submitting and publishing imaging and other data types, including integrating existing metadata ontologies and identifying opportunities for cross-referencing with different scientific programs. The candidate will also use their knowledge of data structures to assist database developers in building a graph database and visualization tools connecting imaging and omic resources.

Please contact Diane ( for more info!

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