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Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellow, Colorectal Cancer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Posted by on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 in Job Opportunities .

An immediate opening for a postdoctoral position exists at Vanderbilt. The project is a direct extension of recent work that identified a new cell-of-origin in human colorectal cancer associated with distinct stem cell populations, as documented in (Chen et al., Cell, 2021). The work will entail examining the role of tumor-initiating cells in mouse models of colonic neoplasia using unique reporter mice generated in the lab. Individuals with expertise in mouse genetics and confocal imaging/high resolution microscopy are particularly desired. Familiarity with modern methods for precise lineage-tracing and/or high-dimensional computational analysis of multiplex spatial data are desirable. Experience working in small teams and the ability to apply leadership and independent management skills are important. Long-term funding is secure, along with a highly competitive salary and fringe benefits.

Those interested should contact Bob Coffey at and Ken Lau at

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