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HS Chau Women in Enterprising Science Program at the Innovative Genomics Institute 2022–2023 Program

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Working to Promote Gender Equity in Bio-Entrepreneurship

Program highlights below. See attached pdfs/website for full details.


To learn more and apply:

Program Goals
The HS Chau Women in Enterprising Science Program (WIES) at the Innovative Genomics
Institute (IGI) is committed to promoting gender equity in bio-entrepreneurship. Located on the UC Berkeley (UCB) campus, the program supports individuals whose work involves the
development of solutions for some of the world’s greatest problems, and who strive to develop their ideas commercially for the benefit of the public..

Fellows must align with the IGI’s mission of bridging revolutionary genome-editing and
biotechnology tool development to affordable and accessible solutions in human health,
climate, and agriculture. The IGI is working toward a world where such technology is routinely applied to treat genetic disease, enable sustainable agriculture, and help achieve a carbon-neutral economy. Translating scientific breakthroughs into real-world solutions is central to the IGI’s mission, so the IGI seeks to support and guide nascent entrepreneurs who share this goal.

Specific Aims
The WIES program is intended to:
● Promote gender equity in science and translational research.
● Encourage individuals who may not have considered becoming entrepreneurs, as well as
those that may have faced barriers to pursuing entrepreneurship, to explore and further
their translational scientific research in a supportive community environment.
● Support these early-stage participants as they develop their ideas such that they may be
more prepared to enter later-stage opportunities such as those at UC Berkeley (for
example SkyDeck and the Bakar BioEngenuity Hub) and beyond, if desired.
● Enable the translation of genomics and biotechnology research into impactful solutions,
including, if applicable, the pursuit of commercial applications.
● Provide financial, scientific, and educational support to participants and build a lively
community of scientists, advisors, mentors, and entrepreneurs.

Program Details
Applicants will submit a proposal and provide a short video. Semi-finalists will be asked to
attend one or more follow-up interviews with the WIES selection advisory committee. Final
decisions on selected Fellows for Phase I will be made by UC faculty and staff serving on the WIES selection advisory committee.

Selection criteria for Phase I (in no particular order):
● Commitment to promoting gender equity in the field of biotechnology.
● Alignment of the proposed project/business idea with the IGI’s mission.
● Strength of proposal with respect to scientific principles and unmet need, likelihood of
product solution and success, market and societal impact. Milestones and deliverables
to be achieved during Phase I will also be considered.
● Strength of entrepreneur and any team members.

Program Funding
Phase I Program Funding
Phase I Fellows will be funded either as a UCB postdoc or as a UCB faculty member as follows: Fellows will receive $150,000 worth of funding from UC Berkeley to support salary, benefits, lab supplies, access to special core facilities, and bench, meeting, and office space. Salary will be $75,000 for Phase I Postdoctoral Fellows with benefits provided.

Phase II Program Funding
Phase II WIES Entrepreneurs are expected to receive up to $1,000,000 directly from the
third-party funder. Selection of Phase II funding recipients will be recommended by the WIES selection advisory committee but ultimately will be at the discretion of the third-party funder. Payments to Phase II WIES Entrepreneurs by the third-party funder are expected to be made on terms and conditions agreed upon by and between the participant and third-party funder, and without the involvement of UC Berkeley.

Timeline for Application to Program
● February 15, 2022: RFA Opening date for Proposal submission.
● April 1, 2022: Applications received by this date will receive priority for consideration.
Closing date will remain open until a sufficient number of applications are received.
● By June 1, 2022: Selected WIES Fellows announced
● September 1, 2022: WIES Fellow move-in date

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