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UCC Self- Compassion Workshop Series

Posted by on Monday, January 30, 2023 in Announcements .

The University Counselling Center (UCC) is providing a workshop series themed UCC’s Self-Compassion Workshop Series.

The Self- Compassion Workshop Series is being offered as a resource and support space for students this semester. This workshop series is designed to help students become less self-critical and respond to their daily struggles with kindness and compassion, rather than judgment and criticism. The series includes:

  • Part 2  Practicing Self-Compassion is a 6-week, in-person opportunity to explore self-compassion with additional depth. If you’re interested in sitting down and practicing self-compassion in the moment, consider signing up for Part 2! Folks in this group will be invited to further their self-compassion development with the use of reflective journaling, discussion, mindfulness exercises, and expressive art activities in a supportive and confidential small group environment.