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Hire a current student or postdoc to fill a job or complete an internship or externship.

Through the ASPIRE program, the Office of Career Development will be providing externships (short-term, job shadowing and learning opportunities) and internships (long-term learning opportunities). If you or your company is interested in partnering with our office on this initiative, or if your company has a program already in place, please contact Ashley Brady, Director of Career Engagement and Strategic Partnerships, ASPIRE Program Manager. Learn more about the opportunities for internships and externships through the ASPIRE Program website.

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Former PhD students and postdocs of the BRET Office have graduated to interesting and exciting careers after their training. Many are featured through this website.

Listen and watch our YouTube series Beyond the Lab as fellow alumni talk about their careers.

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Would you like to share your path and more about your industry and role? Please contact us!


Give to the ASPIRE Scholar Fund

Consider a gift to the ASPIRE Scholar Fund, which will support professional development opportunities and career exploration activities for biomedical science PhD graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


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