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ASPIRE Module: Networking Pacing


Application deadline is Monday, August 30!


The ASPIRE Networking Pacing Module is a series designed to prepare participants to make the most of networking at an upcoming professional conference, networking event or through informational interviewing. Over the course of 6 sessions, we will break down the process of networking into approachable steps and provide real-world examples.

In fall semester 2021, the BRET Office of Career Development is again offering our module Network Pacing for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from biomedical sciences and chemistry.

It is ideal for trainees interested in:

1)Learning the basics of networking how-tos

2)Practice engaging their new skills and knowledge through classroom and real-world experiences

3)Make and sustain meaningful professional relationships

This module consists of 6 1.5 hour sessions, as well as participation in a networking activity (conference, meet-up, or informational interview).

This module is capped at 12 participants. 

About the Module