2013 Career Symposium presentations are now posted online

Kim Petrie
October 23, 2013

If you missed the 2013 BRET Career Symposium, Influencing Human Health with Your PhD Degree, the presentations are now available to view online at https://medschool.vanderbilt.edu/career-symposium2013/agenda. You can view the presentations by clicking on the speaker name. The Symposium speakers addressed careers ranging from global health to drug development, and they included:

Linda Distlerath, Senior Counselor, Worldwide Health Practice, APCO Worldwide

Karissa Culbreath, Scientific Director, Infectious Disease, Tricore Reference Laboratories

Walt Gall, Strategy Consultant, Biotechnology Enterprises

Steve Gendreau, Senior Clinical Science Specialist, Genentech

Lia Haynes, Associate Director for Laboratory Sciences, Division of Viral Diseases, CDC

Amy Moore, Director of Research Programs at Georgia Research Alliance

Erik Prentice, Deputy Senior Bio Advisor, National Counterproliferation Center

Stephanie Gustavson, Director of Clinical Research,  TransTech Pharma