AAAS Webinar: "Building Your First Lab"

Kate Stuart
April 27, 2014
Posted in Announcements

Running a lab is the ultimate goal for many early-career scientists, but building a lab that will eventually produce research is often a difficult process. Laboratories come with a host of financial needs and responsibilities. While lab apprenticeships provide training, and mentors offer invaluable advice, there are likely to remain gaps in your lab startup knowledge. 

In this one-hour and 15-minute webinar, (FREE for AAAS members; $20 for non-members you will learn from PIs who have successfully started labs and now want to help the next generation of scientists navigate the process. 

Our distinguished speakers will address lab design, creating and keeping a startup list, budgeting for space, equipment and staff, and hiring and managing personnel. 

Join us May 6 from 12 noon p.m. to 1:15 p.m. EDT for this informative talk. 

Francisco H. Andrade

Professor and Interim Chair in the Department of Physiology, University of Kentucky 

Edward Giniger
Investigator, Axon Guidance and Neural Connectivity Unit, NINDS, NIH 

Adam Ruben

Scientist-comedian, author of Science Career's "Experimental Error" column 

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