Adjuncts needed for TN Higher Ed Initiative, teaching Biology at Turney Center prison

Kate Stuart
June 19, 2015
Posted in Announcements

The Tennessee Higher Education Initiative, a non-profit organization that funds and coordinates a degree-bearing college program, through Nashville State Community College, at the Turney Center Industrial Complex, a medium security men's prison, in Only, Tennessee is looking for Biology Adjuncts.

The cultural metropolis of Only is about 1 hour away from Nashville. With 50 college students, the program there is growing.  Therefore they are looking for qualified professors, who might be interested in teaching a course during the fall, spring or summer semesters.  Students have gone through a rigorous screening process and take the college placement exam that illustrates their abilities.  Class sizes range from 16-25 students most semesters.

Students work towards earning an Associates Degree through NSCC that will provide the foundation for further education when they are released from prison.  Instructors are hired as NSCC adjuncts (which I facilitate) and are paid the standard NSCC adjunct salary. My organization offers an addition $300 stipend to faculty to help defray the cost of gas. Classes typically meet 1 night a week T, W, or Th for about 3 hours (i.e. 5-8pm) for the 14-week semester. Classes can also meet on Friday evening or Sat AM (8-11 AM).

At present, they are in need of professors in several areas including: History (Western Civ/US), Humanities (literature, philosophy, etc.) Prob/Stat, Social Sciences (i.e. psychology, sociology, and/or economics) and Biology. Per TBR/SACS requirements, instructors would need at least a master's degree and/or eighteen hours of graduate level academic work in the subject area.

If you are interested in teaching a college course in the prison at some point in the future, please contact:

Julie L. Doochin, Ed.D., Director
Tennessee Higher Education Initiative
m. 615.400.7811 |f. 615.829.8707