ASM/CDC Program in Infectious Disease and Public Health Microbiology

Kim Petrie
December 16, 2013
Posted in Announcements

The ASM/CDC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is a comprehensive training program that provides opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary training on global public health issues. The program provides postdoctoral fellows opportunities to conduct novel research with the overall objective of developing practical application of microbiology, immunology, and epidemiology for the diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases. Fellows perform research in residence at one of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention locations. Fellow positions are for 2 years, and the Fellowship provides an annual stipend, health benefits, relocation benefits, and a professional development supplement. The program is intended for individuals who either earned their doctorate degree or completed a primary residency within three years of their proposed start date. Applications are reviewed for (i) scientific merit and training potential of the research proposal, (ii) training resources and environment from the identified preceptor, and (iii) congruence with the Centers for Diseases public health mission. The application deadline is February 15, 2014. Visit the program website to view program areas and a list of principal scientists. To apply online, please visit: