ASPIRE Module Fall 2016: EQ+IQ= Career Success

Ashley Brady
August 15, 2016

EQ IQ.jpg

The ASPIRE Modules are short, non-credit bearing electives that broaden the training experiences of biomedical sciences trainees. These elective modules provide efficient exposure to topics in four theme areas: Business/Entrepreneurship, Communication, Teaching, and Clinical research.The ASPIRE Modules are optional and open to any biomedical sciences PhD student or postdoctoral fellow who wishes to take them to supplement their research training. Class size may be limited, however, and will vary by module. 

Module Title:  EQ+IQ= Career Success

Content: Conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, workplace communication, building professional relationships, Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment


Director: Mistie Germek, Ph.D., BRET Psychologist

Time: 5 sessions: Fridays, 11:30-1:00, September 16- October 21, 2016

Class size: 18 students

Registration requirement: 2-3 sentence statement of interest

Registration deadline: Midnight, August 29, 2016