Aspirnaut Certificate Program in K-12 Science Communication & Outreach

Kim Petrie
August 20, 2016
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Aspirnaut Certificate Program*** in K-12 Science Communication & Outreach 


Cohort of 3-5 students/semester

Application accepted on a rolling basis until November 1st until filled

Course session 1-3 start mid-November


In many cases, this is the first opportunity for the K-12 students to interact with a scientist. This interaction between the classroom and scientist is a partnership in science exploration and learning. Through this certificate, you will learn about the pedagogy of teaching and learning within a K-12 setting. We will also discuss the Next Generation Science Standards and how they are applied to varying grade levels. Most importantly, we will discuss communication techniques utilized within the digital learning space. The aim of this certificate is to improve the educational experience of K-12 students, to provide exposure for scientists in the K-12 environment, and build an educational program that values creative innovations to K-12 education through AspirnautTM.


Part 1- Theory

Session 1: Teaching as learning and research: communication of ideas

Session 2: K-12 education and teaching practices

Session 3: Digital communication, learning, and design

Session 4: Training session***

Session 5: Practicum training session***

***Can be done first to allow for increased access to teaching opportunities in the beginning of the year.

Part 2- Practice

Teach 15 classes over the course of the year (total of 15 hours: 1hr/class)

Can be completed in either the Fall or Spring semester


Please contact for more information. 

***No formal accreditation is associated with this certificate.