BioVU Investigator newsletter seeking volunteer writers

Ashley Brady
July 6, 2017
Posted in Announcements

The BioVU team is seeking potential writers for ongoing writing opportunities for the BioVU Investigator Newsletter. The BioVU Investigator is a quarterly newsletter that reaches more than 700 faculty, students, and staff in the VU/VUMC community. Writers will be asked to contribute the feature research article summarizing a recent publication that highlights the use of BioVU. These articles are generally between 400 - 500 words in length. The author will be expected to contact the PI or lead VU/VUMC author for a quote about the research, which will be facilitated by the editor.

The next article deadline would be approximately late-July for an August publication.

The following BioVU Investigator Newsletter will be published in November. 


Please see the May 2017 issue of BioVU Investigator.

The article to be highlighted for the next newsletter can be found here.  

If you are interested in writing or learning more, please contact:

Angelica Soto-Freita​
Editor, BioVU Investigator