Birmingham-Illinois BRIDGE Fellowships, International Opportunity

Kate Stuart
April 22, 2016
Posted in Announcements

The University of Birmingham and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have a strategic partnership and are jointly recruiting for an exciting new fellowship initiative, the Birmingham-Illinois BRIDGE Fellowship programme, to recruit top postdoctoral researchers in six identified areas that span the interests of UoB and Illinois researchers. These are:

To Find out more about the BRIDGE Partnership, please see our About us page

BRIDGE research Fellows will:

  • Be appointed for 3 years with employment at UoB
  • Be assigned to a research group at both UoB and Illinois, spending at least one year of three-year fellowship at Illinois
  • Receive an allowance (on top of base salary)* to cover travel, accommodation, subsistence and research budget whilst at Illinois
  • Be assigned office space and a mentor at Illinois and receive guidance with finding housing during the placement

*BRIDGE research Fellows in Science, Engineering and Medicine will receive $65,000. 
BRIDGE research Fellows in Arts, Humanities and Social science will receive $25,000.

Learn more at their website.


BRIDGE Fellows will have 3 years with protected time for high-quality research before assuming a normal academic lecturer (equivalent to assistant professor) post at UoB. This will allow outstanding, high potential, early-career researchers of any age to establish themselves as rounded academics who will go on to make a full and excellent contribution to research, teaching and academic citizenship.

BRIDGE Fellows will also develop their teaching experience, including PhD supervision, although these responsibilities will be limited to protect research time. Fellows will not be expected to contribute substantively to academic administration during the term of their Fellowship, although they will be expected to engage as part of the academic community.

Fellows will receive a start-up package to support the development of their research, an academic mentor, and development support in both research and teaching.

Fellows will be part of the BRIDGE Fellows cohort, which will provide them a University-wide network and an additional source of support and mentoring.

It is intended that BRIDGE Fellows will enhance both Universities’ existing academic strengths and contribute to the growing culture of collaboration and interdisciplinarity that exists at both institutions.

Following the successful conclusion of a BRIDGE Fellowship and ensuring the academic achievements are attained at the required standards , Fellows will be appointed to a permanent academic post at the University of Birmingham, normally at Lecturer grade (entry level academic career grade); although in exceptional cases appointments may be made at a higher grade.

The BRIDGE Fellowship will begin September 2016 with the first and third years spent at UoB and the middle year at Illinois. The fellowship will allow an outstanding, high potential, early-career researcher to establish himself/herself and go on to make significant contributions to research, teaching and academic citizenship.