Boston Consulting Group hosting numerous online and in-person events for PhDs interested in consulting

Kim Petrie
July 14, 2017

Join us for a Virtual Resume Workshop on Tuesday, July 18 at 7:00 pm ET. Learn tips for transforming your CV into a one-page business style resume. ADC consultants will share their experiences both as candidates and now interviewers at BCG. BCG July 18 ADC Resume Workshop:

BCG is Going Live on Facebook! BCG goes live on Facebook on July 18 at 6 pm ET to answer your questions! Join us to hear from two advanced degree BCGers who made the transition into consulting and what it's been like working at BCG.

Join ADC consultants for BCG ADC Office Hours at BCG Atlanta on July 21. If you cannot attend in person, fee free to sign up for our BCG ADC Office Hours by Phone.  Office hours are great way to get to know BCG and explore if consulting is a good fit for you. We are offering 2 chat formats to meet with an ADC consultant: you may choose a 15-20 min individual chat or a 30 min small group chat.

BCG July 21 ADC Office Hours at BCG Atlanta:

BCG ADC Office Hours by Phone:

BCG MD Office Hours by Phone: