On-campus seminars: "Stress 101" and" Problem Solving, Time Management, and Assertive Communication"

Kate Stuart
March 24, 2014

This year the Graduate Student Council is teaming up with the Vanderbilt University Psychological and Counseling Center to provide a lunch workshop for graduate students focusing on important skills that can be broadly applied to all aspects of your professional and personal lives. 

The GSC's hope is that this workshop will give graduate students the opportunity to think about and discuss things that affect them in their day to day life, and equip them to face these daily challenges in a healthy and effective way.

This event will be held in Sarratt/Rand Hall in room 220 on Friday March 28th from Noon until 2p, and a free lunch will be served.

The workshop will focus on two main topics:
Stress 101: Exploring the origins and indicators of stress, and
Problem Solving, Time Management, and Assertive Communication: The Active Approach
The facilitator for this event will be Jay Tift, M.Ed., NCC.

In order to make sure we have enough space and lunch for everyone, we are asking for an RSVP through AnchorLink. (Just log in with your VU username and password) 

RSVP HERE: https://anchorlink.vanderbilt.edu/form/start/40795

Thank you so much! If you have any questions let us know at vanderbiltgsc@gmail.com