CIRTL Plans for Fall 2016

Kate Stuart
July 5, 2016
Posted in Announcements

Summer may have just begun, but CIRTL is already looking ahead to the fall semester! Network members will have a slate of online courses, workshops, and events to choose from in the fall. Courses and workshops will be open for registration later this month, and our events will run on a drop-in basis, with no registration required.

There are still more details to finalize before we officially announce our fall programming, but we've got a sneak peek of the semester below. As soon as more details are available, we'll announce it here in our newsletter.


Fall 2016 Courses

Creating Assessments and Evaluation Plans
Taught by instructors from the University of Pittsburgh, this short, non-credit bearing course will walk students through the basics of assessment and evaluation. The course will emphasize techniques that can be applied in STEM courses.

Teaching with Technology
This course will examine a wide range of classroom technologies and how they can enhance community, engagement, and learning. The course is aimed at STEM graduate students and postdoctoral fellows beginning a teaching career. Instructors are from Northwestern University and the University of Maryland, College Park. This course is offered for 1 credit.


Fall 2016 Workshops

Universal Design for Learning: An Introduction
Learn how to apply Universal Design principles to teaching and learning strategies in this workshop, organized by Texas A&M University. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to incorporate Universal Design principles into a syllabus of their choosing.

Writing Effective Multiple-Choice Exam Questions
Learn how to write highly effective multiple-choice questions for use in the undergraduate classroom in this workshop from Texas A&M University. Workshop participants will get the opportunity to craft a set of questions, and then to strengthen those questions with peer review feedback.

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement
Develop your own teaching philosophy statement - a cornerstone of an academic portfolio - in this workshop, led by Washington University in St. Louis. Participants will draft their own statements and incorporate peer review feedback during the course of this two-session workshop.

Developing Work-Life Resilience
In this workshop from Boston University and Michigan State University, participants will learn how to draft individual development plans and career transition plans that genuinely and concretely incorporate work-life balance.

Developing Effective Learning Communities
In this two-part workshop from Boston University and Michigan State University, participants will get an introduction to learning communities. Facilitators will guide participants through what learning communities are, how they benefit teaching and research, and how they can be incorporated into the lab and classrooms.


Fall 2016 Event Series

CIRTLCast Series
Weekly, hour-long CIRTLCasts will introduce participants to evidence-based classroom techniques and class-based research activities. Additional details will be provided in late August.

Teaching in the US Series
Designed to help international grad students and TAs acclimate to the US higher education system, these monthly, hour-long events will examine different topics of interest, from communicating with students to effective grading practices. Additional details will be provided in late August.