CIRTL Tiered Mentoring Program

Kate Stuart
July 28, 2016
Posted in Announcements

Please see the message below from Andrea Resch Gardiner.

I am the graduate student assistant for the CIRTL (Center For Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning).  I am currently looking to recruit graduate students and post docs in STEM Fields to participate in the Tiered Mentoring Program (TMP). TMP will focus on helping participants navigate issues of identity and authority in a variety of teaching contexts, including classroom instruction and one-on-one mentoring in the lab or office. Each TMP cohort will be comprised of senior faculty members, junior faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. Ideally, at least one member from each of the four categories will participate in a cohort. Cohorts represent a variety of departments and the goal is to create groups with representatives from different STEM programs.  Each cohort will meet monthly over the course of a year to discuss and learn about various topics pertaining to success in teaching within a faculty career. Topics addressed will include self-presentation in the classroom, documenting teaching effectiveness, establishing relationships with undergraduate and graduate student mentees, time management, and self-advocacy. Additionally, participants will meet with their peer group across all cohorts.

This year, the TMP specifically aims to enhance the development of women and minority future faculty, but welcomes anyone interested in participating. This program is anchored on all three CIRTL pillars and will further engage and produce CIRTL practitioners. Local and network discussion programs will engage future faculty in conversations on teaching and learning to produce Associate level participants across VU.

The commitment to this program is a once a month meeting (can be lunch) which is coordinated by the cohort.  I participated in this program last year and can tell you more about it if you like.  Feel free to email me with any questions.  If you are interested, please fill out the linked document and email it to Jean Alley (jean.alley@Vanderbilt.Edu).



Andrea Resch Gardiner, PE
Graduate Student, Environmental Engineering Department
Graduate Assistant, CIRTL
Vanderbilt University