CIRTL's January 2015 Offerings

Kate Stuart
January 5, 2015

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CIRTLCast Series: Educational Innovation and the Active Classroom

TOMORROW! Jan 6, 2015 - 12 ET/11 CT/10 MT/9 PT
Hand-Held Devices in Class: Distractors or Aids?
Technological distractions in class - what's a teacher to do? Come learn practical ways to manage effective use of handheld devices in your class! In this CIRTLCast, we'll consider new approaches for engaging students during face-to-face meetings. Dr. Yaros will explain his evolving model for a more manageable educational environment for collaboration to to minimize the distractions associated with a state of “continuous partial attention that occurs when students are distracted by their devices. We'll generate some new techniques to try in your class, regardless of class size.
Ronald Yaros, Professor of Journalism, University of Maryland

CIRTLCast Series: Educational Innovation and the Active Classroom

January 13, 2015 - 12 ET/11 CT/10 MT/9 PT
Hybrid/Flipped Teaching With In-Class Design and Build Activities
In this session, Dr. Peshkin will describe his successful implementation of active learning in his course teaching electronics using a portable "lab-in-a-backpack" and real prototyping. During most of class the students work hands-on, designing, building and debugging their circuits while he circulates and advises. Join the session for ideas on how to implement build activities in your course! 
Michael Peshkin, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

CIRTLCast Series: Educational Innovation and the Active Classroom
January 20, 2015 - 12 ET/11 CT/10 MT/9 PT
Developing Active Learning Strategies for Your STEM Course
Teaching a large class this semester? Come learn ways to implement active learning in the lecture hall! The process of engaging students from the first class meeting will be outlined, with particular emphasis on strategies to help students to get to know one another and techniques through which the faculty can learn names in the anonymous “sea” of students. Instructors will learn how to implement, organize, and conduct group work within the lecture hall. A few specific examples of active learning exercises will be demonstrated, and instructors will learn ways to informally assess learning in the lecture hall.
Richard Shingles, Lecturer in Biology, Johns Hopkins University 

CIRTLCast Series: Educational Innovation and the Active Classroom

January 27, 2015 - 12 ET/11 CT/10 MT/9 PT
Scientific Writing in STEM Classes as a Cognitive Apprenticeship
Scientists learn how to write scientifically, but how do you teach students to do this? In contrast to lab techniques, there isn't much to watch while a scientist writes. This needs to be a cognitive apprenticeship instead of a physical one. This session will discuss one way to help undergraduates learn to write scientifically by making the thought processes about writing more visible.
Robert Linsenmeier, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Neurobiology, Northwestern University

Penny Hirsch, Professor of Instruction, Writing Program, Northwestern University

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