Conversations on Digital Pedagogy: Technologies & "Flipped" Classrooms

Kate Stuart
April 2, 2015

Interest in seeing what effective educational technology use looks like in practice is fueling a new series of conversations on teaching sponsored by the CFT and the Vanderbilt Institute for Digital Learning (VIDL). Conversations on Digital Pedagogy, will feature Vanderbilt instructors describing and reflecting on the ways they use educational technologies to enhance student learning.

When instructors hear about some new technology, it’s not always clear how that technology might be used to support student learning. It’s often helpful to hear how others have used the technology. And sometimes a little experimentation is in order! We hope that this series will provide Vanderbilt faculty members and graduate students an opportunity to learn from each other as they explore creative and effective uses of educational technology in their own teaching.

Tuesday, April 7th
K-Quad Kissam 216
12:15 to 1:30.

Katherine Friedman, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Jesse Blocher, Assistant Professor of Finance
Emilianne McCranie, PhD student in Chemistry

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