CTTC to host New Venture Valuation seminar on November 1

Kim Petrie
September 30, 2013

The session will be led by Glenn Perdue, managing member of Kraft Analytics, LLC and certified valuation analyst, and will focus on new venture and intellectual property valuation as it pertains to academia.

PURPOSE: Inventors, investors, entrepreneurs, licensors and licensees must understand and be able to articulate the value of their patents and emerging technologies. If you have developed valuable technology that you believe might be the basis of a startup and want to understand how they are valued, join us at the New Ventures Valuation workshop.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: The workshop is designed for faculty, staff, graduate students, professional students , post-docs and aspiring entrepreneurs. The event is free, but reservations are required as seating is limited. 

COST: Free

PRESENTER: Glenn Perdue is managing member of Kraft Analytics, LLC, an affiliate of Kraft CPAs in Nashville that provides valuation, litigation support and transaction advisory support to businesses and attorneys.  Glenn, a certified valuation analyst (CVA), certified forensic financial analyst (CFFA) and certified licensing professional (CLP), is also a board member of Life Sciences Tennessee and the Nashville Technology Council.

TO RSVP, CONTACT: Heather McMillan, Project Coordinator  New Ventures, Center for Technology Transfer & Commercialization, heather.a.mcmillan@vanderbilt.edu

FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS CONTACT: Rigved Joshi, Manager – New Ventures, Center for Technology Transfer & Commercialization,rigved.joshi@vanderbilt.edu