Exploring careers in management consulting? Check out this webinar series from Bain

Kim Petrie
October 24, 2016

Bain & Company cordially invites you to register for an upcoming webinar(s) in a series we are calling BainStrategies - where consultants will be leading topics from interview preparation tips to how Bain partners with their clients. Hear from industry leading experts and alumni as they discuss what makes Bain & Company a great place to work!


Upcoming Webinars

Founder's Mentality® 
Bain’s perspective on the predictable crises of growth and how to address them and sustain competitive advantage.

Thursday, November 3rd at 5:30pm EST (Click here to register)                                                

Only about one company in nine has sustained profitable growth during the past decade—and for those that failed to grow, over 85% of company leaders blame internal factors for this shortfall. The few companies that avoid such internal crises and sustain long-term growth do so by maintaining a "Founder’s Mentality®": an insurgent’s mission, an owner’s mindset, and an obsession with the front line that are typical of founder-led companies but can be maintained or reacquired by any company at any stage of its lifetime. Maintaining the Founder’s Mentality is not easy and requires deliberate and imbalanced focus on a set of interventions – which we will describe in our sessions. We hope you join us to learn more!

Digitizing Operations to Drive Growth and Profitability 
Get the story on how digital will be impacting Supply Chain in the future and enabling companies to drive step function performance improvements.

Monday, November 7th at 5:00pm EST (Click here to register)  
The pace of evolution in connectivity, processing power, and the ability to rapidly develop and deploy low cost digital solutions is fundamentally impacting every aspect of supply chain. At Bain, we help our clients grow via technology, as well as solve their toughest technological and operational challenges. If you are interested in learning how to apply new technologies to address complex operational challenges or change basis for competition in an industry we are a great place to start. Our Supply Chain and Operations team is on the cutting edge in a wide variety of industries ranging from businesses as basic as food and beverage to highly complex digital products and services. We are looking forward to sharing our perspectives on this evolution with you.

Beyond Bain: Alumni Panel 
Being a consultant at Bain gives you unparalleled business experience and real-world training at an early stage of your career.

Tuesday, November 8th at 5:30pm EST (Click here to register)  
We hire people who are smart, curious and driven to make an impact in everything they do. They often have a wide range of things they hope to achieve in life, professionally and personally, which Bain is more than willing to help them accomplish. Because of this, our people go on to do amazing things in business and elsewhere – with Bain as the foundation for their future success. Join four Bain alumni as they reveal how Bain helped them make the next step on their desired career path and answer your questions about life after Bain.

The Digital Wave in Southeast Asia 
Alessandro Cannarsi, Principal at Bain & Company Singapore, will share Bain’s insights from a Bain-Google collaboration on how digital consumers are evolving in this part of the world and what opportunities this opens.

Wednesday, November 9th at 7:00am EST (Click here to register)         
A new wave of digital consumers is reshaping the consumer landscape in Southeast Asia. Smart device penetration is to exceed 50% by 2016, meaning whole tranches of ‘mobile-first’ consumers are now accessible by digital methods. While the digital marketing industry has matured greatly in other markets over the past few years, how many lessons are transferable to Southeast Asia? What is different about the 90m consumers who are coming online mobile-first? Which emerging competitors are winning in each market? Bain, in cooperation with Google, has recently completed a study which seeks to understand today’s consumers and the implications for B2C companies and ecosystem participants. He’ll also share insight into what Bain is doing in the Technology space and the incredible exposure to Technology you’ll get when you join Bain.

Bain Social Impact: Transforming Ethiopia’s Agribusiness Sector 
Join Bain’s Global Social Impact Practice leader Vikki Tam as she shares insights from our work helping Ethiopia achieve middle-income country status by 2025 in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency.

Tuesday, November 15th at 4:30pm EST (Click here to register)
Economic Development is one of Bain’s Social Impact priorities. Through deep global partnerships with innovative organizations, we aim to help transform economies and improve the livelihoods of low-income people in a sustained way. Our team is working to unlock Ethiopia’s economic potential through the development of an agribusiness accelerator focused on incubating and scaling up local startups and enterprises. This work builds on Bain’s research about how agricultural innovations can transform the lives of many of the 2.5 billion people relying on agriculture for their livelihoods and living on less than $4 a day.

What will you, as a consultant, actually do? 
Hear from Bain's staffing managers whose job it is to coach, mentor and assign projects to our consulting teams.

Wednesday, November 16th at 4:00pm EST (Click here to register)
One of the biggest differences between consulting firms is their approach to staffing and serving client work. At Bain, we are proud of our personalized home staffing model that considers each consultant's interests and professional development. A dedicated staffing manager invests in each person, serving as an invaluable staffing advocate and career champion. Join our staffing advocates as they explain Bain's approach, their personal experience and answer any questions you may have.

The Great Transformation 
Karen Harris, senior director of Bain's Macro Trends group, will discuss how their analysis is helping clients navigate global economic changes.

Thursday, November 17th at 4:30pm EST (Click here to register)
The coming decade will be the start of the Great Transformation, the most significant transformational period seen in generations, and the most significant period of change seen by anyone in business or public leadership today. Karen will discuss Bain’s perspective on the ten interrelated themes that, taken together, sketch out a framework for this period of transformation.

Crack the Case 
How to shine at a Case Interview and get a job at "the best firm to work for".

Monday, December 5th at 6:00pm EST (Click here to register)
Looking for the inside scoop on what to expect from a Bain Case interview? This session will provide an overview of what to expect on interview day and walk through a practice case to help you prepare. Be sure to watch this video ahead of time to get some questions ready!


If you have additional questions on Bain’s Advanced Degree recruiting process, please visit our website or email us at ADRecruiting@bain.com