Job Opportunities: Multiple Open Positions at DiaTech Holdings, Franklin, TN and San Diego, CA

Ashley Brady
July 22, 2016

DiaTech Holdings  (DTH) is an emerging biotechnology company specializing in cutting edge technologies utilizing molecular based clinical assays to generate actionable data for improved patient outcomes. We are currently focused on the MiCK, CEER, and flow cytometer technology platforms for use in our clinical assay development and FDA validation studies with the primary emphasis in oncology.

DiaTech Holdings is a privately held international life sciences company based in Nashville, Tennessee. As a certified clinical pathology laboratory, DiaTech is focused exclusively on the analysis of live cancer cells and their reaction to chemotherapy agents to determine the most effective drug for inducing a patient’s cancer cell death (apoptosis).

DiaTech has the exclusive and perpetual licensing rights for technology developed by researchers at Vanderbilt University as the MiCK Assay®. The company has seven additional patents filed for improvements made to MiCK Assay® technology and processes.

Open positions for which they are seeking PhD level candidates in Franklin include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical Writer
  • Senior Scientist MiCK
  • Medical Scientist Liaison
  • Immuno-Oncology Scientist MiCK

For full listing, job descriptions and instructions for applying, please see the link below: