Job Opportunity: Bain & Co. hiring in China

Kate Stuart
September 11, 2013

We are recruiting Associate Consultants for the class of 2014. 

Bain & Company is a leading global management consulting firm with 50 offices in 32 countries. Since our founding in 1973, we have worked for over 5,000 clients in virtually every industry. Bain's Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing offices, primarily cover the Greater China region, but our consultants are often involved in cases across the world.

If you are interested in: 

  • Getting exposure to the world’s largest growth engine of the century
  • Advising senior management of current and future Fortune-500 companies on top priority issues
  • Developing in-depth expertise across industries, from cutting-edge technology to long-established industrial goods, from high-fashion luxury goods to daily necessity manufacturing
  • Learning about a broad range of strategic and operational topics, from market entry to performance improvement, from mergers & acquisition to customer strategy and marketing
  • Making a difference through pro-bono work in one of the most populous and dynamic societies globally
  • Travelling throughout the world on global and regional projects and becoming a global Bain citizen via our regular training across continents
  • Being eligible for a sponsorship to MBA programs at top business schools across US/Europe

Join Bain & Company!

  • We are looking for outstanding individuals who possess the following:
  • Excellent academic credentials (all majors welcome)
  • Strong problem solving skills, supplemented by solid business sense
  • Demonstrated leadership on and outside campus
  • A strong desire to effect change
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Fluency in spoken/written Chinese (Mandarin) and English

To Apply: please follow the application deadline of each school and submit your application via and indicate “Beijing”, “Hong Kong”, or “Shanghai” as your first office preference.

Your application should include:

  • Cover letter
  • English and Chinese Resume
  • Transcript

For more information about Bain's Greater China offices, contact Shadow Yin at