Job Opportunity: Clinician Position Specification, Foci Cognitive Training, Chattanooga, TN

Kate Stuart
August 26, 2015

Foci Cognitive Training is a new and innovative cognitive training company that specializes in the use of non-medicinal (technology-driven) interventions to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and associated disorders.  Focusing primarily on children ages 5-20, the business will use neurofeedback training and working memory exercises as its primary modalities of therapy.  

Unlike most existing neurotherapy providers, Foci will devote substantial resources to marketing and educating the public about the science of neurofeedback.  The company will seek to create a positive, non-medical atmosphere, and it will utilize the latest technologies in all aspects of training as well as in communication with clients and their primary care physicians.  While employing a business-minded growth strategy, the company will also strive to become the thought leader in the science of neurofeedback, specifically as it relates to the treatment of ADHD, and will constantly be engaged in various research initiatives to support that mission.


The company is seeking a clinician with a background in psychology, counseling, social work, nursing or neuroscience to lead the client therapy and science advancement aspects of the company.  The successful candidate will spend most of his/her time conducting client assessments (including conducting qEEG brain maps and administering diagnostic questionnaires and related media), consulting with clients and parents of clients on the best course of action, and conducting the actual training of clients on an ongoing basis.  The clinician should expect to guide training for 15-25 clients per day, in addition to administering numerous brain maps and tests.

In non-client-facing hours, the clinician will assist co-workers on internal research initiatives, and based on his/her abilities and interest in public speaking and business development, he/she may also take part in marketing the business and developing new clients.   

The clinician will report to the CEO and will work alongside a business manager and one to two other clinicians.  The CEO and a business manager will support the clinician(s) during peak hours, in addition to driving billing/collections, marketing, finance and other related business functions.


Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Master’s or PhD-level degree in psychology, counseling, nursing, therapy, neuroscience, counseling education, or a related field
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to speak to groups of people on occasion
  • Strong work ethic / Self-motivated
  • Desire to work with children (and adults)
  • Passion for both clinical interactions with clients and the advancement of the science through internal research studies


The successful candidate DOES NOT need to have previous experience in neurofeedback training.

Interested candidates should reply with a resume and contact information.



Salary is competitive and negotiable and will vary based on number of hours worked per week and the candidate’s involvement in business development efforts outside of client training office hours.  Bonus potential based on both individual and company performance.


Contact Info:

For more information, please contact Chris Wright at (423) 322-0629 or