Job Opportunity: Differentiation Scientist, Allen Institute for Cell Science, Seattle, WA

Kim Petrie
December 7, 2016

The goal of the Allen Institute for Cell Science is to understand cell behaviors in their normal, pathological, and regenerative contexts. The Institute, located in a new facility on South Lake Union in Seattle, Washington, will employ a multi-disciplinary team approach to generate novel cellular reagents, models, and databases that are informed by and open to the community. The Institute aims to understand cells, individually and in collectives, as integrated systems of organelles and molecular machines that are regulated by signaling complexes, determining how they integrate to generate the plethora of observed cellular behaviors. It will do this using human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSc), genome editing, a large live cell microscopy pipeline, predictive modeling and theory, and creating a novel multi-scale, dynamic and visual output for the experiments and models.

Position Summary  

The goal of the Stem Cells and Gene Editing team is to produce gene edited human iPS cell lines, develop protocols for their differentiation and perturbation with high quality standards, and collaborate on the development of new image-based assays for cell organization and function. This Scientist-level position will have a strong background in stem cell biology and be responsible for establishing and maintaining a differentiation pipeline of our gene-edited iPSC lines. This will include method development and implementation, scaling to accommodate a large number of cell lines, characterization of the lines at the genomic and protein level, and high level of quality control and standardization. S/he may be required to supervise the activities of others and will work collaboratively with the assay development and microscopy teams to achieve the goals and objectives of the institute. 

Job Responsibilities 

  • Develop cardiomyocyte differentiation and characterization protocols from human iPSC lines. 
  • Establish and maintain stem cell production and differentiation pipelines. 
  • Maintain rigorous quality control standards. 
  • Assist in creating gene-edited hiPSC lines. 
  • Coordinate with other programs in the Institute to ensure seamless integration and sharing of resources and data. 
  • Prepare written summaries and present activities internally and publicly. 

Basic Qualifications  

  • PhD in cell biology or related biological life science with 3+ years hands-on experience in stem cell biology. 
  • 3+ years post-PhD. 
  • Experience with cardiomyocyte or related differentiation of human stem cells.  
  • Knowledge of cell biology and careful attention to detail a must. 
  • Experience working in a multi-disciplinary environment in academic or industrial settings. 
  • Ability to work alone and in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment. 

Understanding of gene-editing techniques preferred.

For more information about applying, please contact Ms. Jeannelle Roth, Senior Recruiter,