Job Opportunity: Education Outreach & Communications Manager, The University of Chicago

Angela Zito
October 26, 2017

The Education Outreach & Communications Manager for Special Programs will oversee three innovative career preparedness programs: myCHOICE, Chicago EYES, and researcHStart. The Manager will provide essential curriculum and logistical support to both myCHOICE and the UCCCC, thereby creating a bridge between two of the University's newest initiatives in professional development support and outreach, and the potential for identifying content and collaborations that could serve both programs. The Manager will possess exceptional project management and communications skills, and an interest in curriculum development across the education continuum. Most assignments will be varied and broad in nature, usually requiring originality and ingenuity. Other tasks are well-defined by pre-existing protocols and require significant attention to detail. 

During the academic year, the Manager's role will involve implementation of myCHOICE programming, serving as the administrative and functional lead for digital and print communications, database maintenance, event planning and execution, extensive participant tracking, and program evaluation. The Manager will also be intimately involved in program development, including design of the weekly seminar series, establishing collaborative partnerships with organizations and offices, developing new mini-courses and workshops for the PhD-level population, and providing content for reports related to stakeholder meetings and NIH-mandated data forms. 

Ongoing responsibilities during the academic year also include the development of scientific content for UCCCC programs, such as laboratory training exercises for high school/college students or after-school science enrichment activities for elementary/middle school youth. During summer quarter, the Education Outreach & Communications Manager will co-lead skill-building workshops for UCCCC program participants and curriculum development workshops for teacher research fellows. S/he will also be responsible for overseeing preparation of program participants' symposium presentations, including knowledgeable review of scientific content. 

This at-will position is wholly or partially funded by contractual grant and gift funding which is renewed under provisions set by the grantor of the contract. Employment will be contingent upon the continued receipt of these grant and gift funds and satisfactory job performance.  


  • Advanced degree in biological sciences required. 
  • Certification in project management, web development, visual media communications, or information systems management preferred. 
  • Secondary teaching certification in the sciences preferred.  


  • A minimum of two years experience in teaching or mentoring capacity required. 
  • A minimum of two years wet lab experience required. 
  • At least two years of professional administrative or informational technology experience preferred. 
  • Curriculum development experience preferred.  

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