Job Opportunity: Pordis Researcher (short-term)

Kate Stuart
January 10, 2014


Research and report on the current state of the art for UV-C (~254nm) sterilization of clinical environments to determine how UV-C sterilization is incorporated into broader sterilization programs and how it contributes to changes in hospital acquired infection (HAI) rates.


$1000 for an expected 25hr of dedicated work


  • Meet in person or via videoconference with the Pordis staff members sponsoring this work before research begins.
  • Final report due: March 7, 2014
  • Discuss report with sponsors on March 7th or thereabouts via videoconference or in person.

Key questions to be answered in the report will include:

  1. How does UV-C irradiation change the ability of an organism to reproduce and how do LD-90 doses or primary germicidal wavelengths differ between classes of organisms?
  2. Who are the current UV-C sterilization providers and how do their product offerings differ? Who is the market leader technologically and economically?
  3. What are the economics of UV-C sterilization? Size of industry; current annual sales both U.S. and international; average cost per unit to hospital; published ROI for early adopters?
  4. Who/what are the current key driving forces behind UV-C adoption and are these drivers changing?
  5. Are there hurdles to the wider adoption of UV-C sterilization, such as device reliability or reporting methods?
  6. How is UV-C sterilization effectiveness quantified?
  7. What are the opinions of leading infectious diseases physicians / researchers on the use of UV-C sterilization in clinical environments?
  8. Which journal articles best represent the ‘leading’ research in the field?

The student should contact device manufacturers to obtain webinars, product details, etc. as publically available information is insufficient. Additionally, the student is encouraged to contact leading authors of recent journal articles focused on UV-C sterilization to obtain their opinions to the questions above, when applicable. The student will correctly cite each resource used in the generation of the final report and provide the articles, summaries of conversations, webinars, etc., to support the work of the student. 

To apply, send an expression of interest and a brief overview of how you think that your experience and/or education will help you achieve the goals of the project to: Ryan Smith (