Job Opportunity: Postdoc, Cardiovascular Medicine, VUMC

Kate Stuart
June 19, 2015

Cardiovascular Medicine - Areas of research include lipoprotein metabolism and the role of macrophages in atherosclerosis. A major goal is to identify mechanisms for formation of dysfunctional HDL in human diseases, with a focus on familial hypercholesterolemia. We have a long-standing interest in the roles of apoE, apoA-I, SR-BI, and LRP in lipoprotein metabolism, macrophage cholesterol homeostasis and HDL function. Interestingly, the HDL microRNA profile is altered in FH, and we are examining the impact of the altered microRNA profile on HDL function as well as the potential for these microRNAs to serve as markers and therapeutic targets for the prevention of atherosclerosis. In addition, we are interested in the mechanisms regulating macrophage survival and efferocytosis in atherosclerosis. Interested candidates should email CV to:


MacRae F. Linton, M.D.