Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellow, Powers Research Group, Vanderbilt University

Kate Stuart
December 21, 2016

The Powers research group is looking for a postdoctoral fellow (junior or senior) to study the molecular events of pancreatic islet biology with a focus on gene expression, vascular biology, developmental biology, and imaging of islets ( Our research utilizes a variety of research approaches including RNA and protein analysis, genetically modified mice, in vivo physiology, radioimmunoassay, virus-mediated gene transfer, transplantation of murine and human islets, and confocal microscopy, and involves collaborations with vascular biologists, development biologists, biomedical engineers, and chemists at Vanderbilt, Mt. Sinai, Stanford, and Caltech. This is an outstanding opportunity for a scientist to work independently on NIH-funded projects and to interact with trainees and other scientists with the possibility of a research track faculty position. Our laboratory is part of Vanderbilt Diabetes Center ( Please send CV