Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellow,Granulocyte Research Laboratory, National University Hospital, University of Copenhagen

Kate Stuart
May 30, 2016
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Dr. Niels Borregaard is seeking a dedicated person for a 2-year postdoc position at the Granulocyte Research Laboratory. Expected start is August 1, 2016. The Granulocyte Research Laboratory has a long tradition for studying the cell biology of human neutrophils and their precursors. The position is funded by the Danish Research Council for Independent Research. The focus is on proteolytic processing of neutrophil serine proteases when activation of these is blocked. The experimental setup is primary human bone marrow cells, DPPI- knock-out mice, and DPPI-k.o. human myeloid cell lines and inhibitors.

The Granulocyte Research Laboratory is part of the Department of Hematology at the National University Hospital, University of Copenhagen.

Requirements: Applicants should hold a master degree in biology, immunology or medicine and a PhD or have equivalent scientific qualifications and be experienced in the use of mouse models, Flow Cytometry, Immunohistochemistry and western blotting.

Application including CV list of publication, references and recommendation should be mailed prior to June 27 to

Niels Borregaard, MD, Professor of hematology

Department of hematology National University Hospital,

Rigshospitalet - 9322

University of Copenhagen

Juliane Mariesvej 20 DK 2100


Phone: +45 3545 4371