Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral fellowship, Vanderbilt - role of olfactory receptor expression in breast cancer progression

Kim Petrie
March 11, 2016

Position Details:  A post-doctoral position is available to work on an exciting project to explore the role of olfactory receptor expression in breast cancer progression.

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Full Description: A post-doctoral position is available to work on a new project to assess the expression of olfactory receptors in breast cancers.  This is a project with preliminary evidence suggestive of tumor-associated macrophage participation in breast cancer progression.  This is an interdisciplinary project with a number of early objectives, including the assessment of olfactory receptor expression in breast cancer cell lines and mouse models of human breast cancer.  Subsequent objectives in this multi-year project include olfactory receptor expression assessment in animal models of human breast cancer.  Studies will be carried out with significant opportunity for ‘side-projects’ on related research to expand capabilities and offer opportunities for additional professional visibility.  This position also requires a willingness for organization and leadership of research, including assistance of junior scientists (predoctoral graduate students and undergraduate students).

A strong candidate will have demonstrated experience in molecular biology techniques to confirm our preliminary microarray data (qPCR, Western blot, immunofluorescence), characterize olfactory receptor expression in human breast cancer specimens (TCGA, RNAseq), identify odorants produced by breast cancer cells (GC-MS), and determine the effect on intracellular signaling (odorant screen, Western blot, ratiometric analysis of intracellular Ca2+ release).  In vivo consequences of exposure to environmental odorants will employ the use of a spontaneous murine model of breast cancer (tumor growth, blood sampling, organ harvest, isolation of macrophages and tumor cells, immunohistochemistry) to assay whether changes occur during progression to aggressiveness disease.

Candidates with experience in biological systems are preferred.

Application Details:  The position is for a post-doctoral research scholar who has received a doctoral degree in an appropriate biological or engineering field with expertise in modern molecular and cellular biology and animal models.  Candidates with prior background in qPCR or RNAseq or GC-MS are preferred, but candidates with demonstrated ability in molecular and cellular biology screening assessments will be considered.  Prior demonstration of written and oral communication skills is required. 

Please send a cover letter and CV including 3 references to Professor Giorgio.


Todd Giorgio