Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Positions available with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Angela Zito
July 13, 2017


About St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: A private research institution in Memphis, Tennessee, where cutting-edge basic research is translated into novel therapies.  We have been named on Fortune magazine’s ‘Best Companies to Work For’ list for seven consecutive years.  120 basic science faculty and 250 postdoctoral fellows collaborate with 90 clinical faculty, creating excellent translational research opportunities.

Labs listed below are currently seeking new postdoctoral fellows. 

Additional details for each position can be found here

Department Faculty Member Research Topic
Chemical Biology & Therapeutics Anang Shelat Multi-Scale Modeling og Biological and Chemical Data
  Taosheng Chen Small-Molecule Transcription Factor Drug Discovery
  Marcus Fischer Structure-Based Ligand Discovery
Computational Biology Jiyang Yu Systems Biology, Functional Genomics, Immuno-Oncology
Developmental Neurobiology Stanislav Zakharenko Synaptic and Neuronal Mechanisms of Schizophrenia
  Lindsay Schwarz Mechanisms od Neuromodulatory Circuit Organization
Diagnostic Imaging Claudia Hillenbrand MR Physics: Methods and Device Development
Epidemiology & Cancer Control Kristen Ness Functional Limitations Among Cancer Survivors
Immunology Douglas Green Apoptosis, Autophagy, and Mitochondria
Infectious Diseases Jason Rosch Bacterial Genomics and Metal Transport
Pharmaceutical Sciences Mary Relling Pharmacogenomics and Leukemia Therapy
Radiation Oncology Chi-Ho Hua Image-Guided Radiotherapy, Normal Tissue Toxicity
Structural Biology Eric Enemark Molecular Mechamisms of DNA Replication
  Tanja Mittag Dynamic Protein Complexities in Signal Transduction
  Junmin Peng Systems Biology, Proteomics, and Ubiquitin Biology


If you are interested in postdoc positions, please e-mail your CV to, and indicate faculty of particular interest.  Academic Programs staff, listed below, facilitate the application and interview process, and provide information on research and relocation.  Visit for more information.

Linda Harris, PhD, Director of Postdoctoral Talent Acquisition

Brendan O’Hara, MSc, Senior Postdoctoral Recruiter

Deanna Tremblay, MSc, Postdoctoral Recruiter