Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Laboratory of Dr. Olivares-Villigomez, VUMC

Angela Zito
June 29, 2017

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Laboratory of Dr. Olivares-Villigomez

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

The laboratory of Dr. Olivares-Villagómez is looking for a motivated and skillful candidate for a postdoctoral position. This individual should have a Ph.D. degree or equivalent with expertise on the area of immunology or cellular biology. The candidate will be responsible for designing and conducting in vitro and in vivo experiments related to mucosal immunology. Experience with mouse models is preferred, although not a requirement. The candidate should possess good English conversational skills. Dr. Olivares-Villagómez is currently investigating the role of an intraepithelial lymphocyte population known as innate CD8aa+ cells (iCD8a cells) in intestinal immune responses. These cells were originally described by Dr. Olivares-Villagómez¹s group (Immunity, 41. September 2014) and are known to be involved in responses against the colonic bacterium Citrobacter rodentium in mice and during nectrotizing enterocolitis in humans. The postdoctoral candidate will be involved in investigating the role of iCD8a cells in the survival of other intraepithelial lymphocytes during mucosal immune responses. Currently, the laboratory of Dr. Olivares-Villagómez is funded by an R21 grant and will receive funding through the R01.

To apply, submit CV and statement of current and future research
interests/experience to:

Danyvid Olivares-Villagómez, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor
Department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, A-5301 MCN
Nashville, TN 37232-2363