Job Opportunity: Project Manager, Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Kate Stuart
August 10, 2015

The Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (VICTR) is seeking a qualified professional to fill the role of Health Information Systems Project Manager I.  VICTR provides a broad spectrum of modern data and project management support services for research studies, quality improvement initiatives, and operational projects.  Under direct supervision, the Project Manager oversees small projects or phases of larger projects and is the research data expert for VICTR projects.  This position will liaison with researchers to determine requirements and partner with programmers and database specialists to manage the project at the ground level. This position will manage some larger, long-range projects spanning innovative research topics as well as various small to medium sized projects of varying time frames.  This position will ensure the appropriate staffing needs are provided for each project in order to ensure deadlines are met.                           

Preferred Skills:                                  

*Master's degree or higher preferred                     

*Biotechnology or Biomedical industry experience preferred                    

*Bioinformatics experience helpful                         

*Technology development and/or commercialization experience helpful                             

*Excellent written and oral communication skills required                          

*Excellent organizational skills preferred                              

Key Functions and Responsibilities:                        

1.  Provide project management for VICTR, including application development.                                 

    *Develop high-level project plan - including specifics of technical work plans - and achieve buy in on task responsibilities and timelines from the appropriate team members.                                  

    *Define issue management and scope management strategy and achieve approval from the appropriate team members. Manage on-going consensus among project team and programmers.              

    *Define project objectives and define success measurements.                              

    *Develop and communicate appropriate project documentation, including technical project overview, scope, team structure, status reports, issues management reports, change control reports, meeting notes, etc. as required in a timely manner.                       

2. Manage communication effectively for the data management project/program/center.                         

   *Manages the development, editing and writing of publications, including brochures, content for websites, and material for other forms of communications internal and external to the center.                        

    *Seek opportunities to disseminate news and information about the program to relevant audiences internally and externally.                         

3. Provide support to the Directors of VICTR including Research Informatics for long-range strategic planning for broadly defined coordination.                              

    *Collaborate with VICTR Project Management, customers, and other members of the team in developing long range strategic plans and objectives.                               

    *Assist in establishing program goals in accordance with the mission of the program, Vanderbilt and any other entity connected with the program.                                

   *Participate as a team member in designing and implementing program enhancements to improve effectiveness of the program.


Contact Melissa Basford (melissa.basford@Vanderbilt.Edu) with your interest in the position. Also, be sure to apply online through the Vanderbilt Jobs website.