Job Opportunity: Research Program Manager (remote), Susan G. Komen Foundation

Kate Stuart
September 25, 2013

Basic Function 
Provides support for and applies scientific expertise for Request for Application–driven research grants application and review processes. Drafts and manages production schedule and master calendar for research grant application and review.  Assists the Manager, Scientific Grants in the drafting of application and review materials, policies, instructional guidelines, and marketing plan.  Collaborates with Scientific Grants Managers to ensure that compliance issues are resolved.  Assists fellow Science Managers in the management of peer review committees for Request for Application-driven grants. 

Primary Responsibilities 

  • Provides support and applies scientific expertise for request for application-driven research grants application and review processes. 
  • Drafts and updates project management plan and master calendar for grant application and review; apprises team of changes. 
  • Monitors progress towards application and review milestones; ensures that project milestones are met and proactively alerts team of any issues. 
  • Drafts and updates all pre-award related application and review materials to include Pre-Award Policies and Procedures,  Requests for Applications, applicant and reviewer instructions, and standard correspondence/notifications, and ensures the accuracy and timely delivery of these materials 
  • Participates in development and delivery of online training of advocate and scientific reviewers with regard to Komen application materials, review process, score system and review anchors, etc. 
  • Assists Manager, Scientific Grants in identification and invitation of scientific and advocate reviewers. 
  • Reviews incoming applications for compliance with eligibility and formatting requirements; ensures that applications accepted for review are responsive to the RFA and in administrative compliance; escalates compliance issues as appropriate to Manager, Scientific Grants; collaborates with SGMs to ensure that compliance issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner 
  • Collaborates with Communications and Marketing Departments to identify and publicize marketing opportunities pertaining to new grant funding opportunities as well as newly funding grants. 
  • Drafts all pre-award related marketing and communication materials including marketing flyers, web content, and email notifications; ensures accuracy and timely completion. 
  • Executes marketing plan; monitors progress in execution of plan and ensures timely completion of key actions; reports on progress and communicates issues or changes; evaluates execution of plan and recommends improvements. 
  • Manages peer review for one or more Committees. 
  • Monitors Committee submission of critiques and ratings for alignment with Komen score anchors and rating system; provides feedback to reviewers on addressing review criteria within critiques; ensures critiques and ratings are submitted on schedule; works with Chairperson to manage real and perceived conflicts of interest.   
  • Participates in conference calls with Chairperson to review outcomes of pre- and full application review process and follows up with Committee members regarding disparate scores at direction of Chairperson.    
  • Facilitates final review meeting in collaboration with the Chairperson; prepares Agenda, presents summary of research application at the direction of Chairperson; ensures that conflicts of interests are managed and quorums are maintained; prepares final review summaries provided to the applicants.    
  • Provides management and oversight for technical solutions that support the application an review process. 
  • Serves as main point of contact for Helpdesk staff, prepares FAQ documents, tracks escalated Helpdesk issues and ensures that they are resolved in a timely manner 
  • Manages configuration of grant application and review system, and works with application and review system vendor to set up and test applications for each mechanism according to RFA 
  • Prepares application and review process reports 
  • Creates and administers applicant and reviewer surveys; compiles data and drafts related evaluation reports. 
  • Identifies and recommends modifications to research mechanisms, peer review processes, and policies to achieve defined goals. 
  • Upholds Komen’s principles of scientific excellence, fairness and transparency in all aspects of the grants application, review and management process 
  • Manages portfolio of currently active research grants as needed. 
  • Serves as a Komen representative on internal and external committees and working groups to represent Komen’s research process and provides advice about best practices.  
  • Keeps current and is knowledgeable of other scientific organizations’ funding procedures  
  • Performs other duties as assigned. 

Management Responsibility 

The Research Program Manager has no direct reports. 

Position Qualifications 
Describe minimum (type and amount) of experience required for competent performance in the job. 

Doctoral degree required with completion of postdoctoral fellowship training in cancer research, and experience working in program development/project management. Demonstrated skill in written technical and marketing communications.   Ability to manage a large, complex workflow with multiple deadlines, data points, and priorities.  Highly developed administrative and organizational skills, with demonstrated project management ability.  Superior interpersonal skills, both in person and on the telephone.  Demonstrated success coordinating information and data across multiple team members.  Ability to prioritize and manage daily business dynamics.  Shows positive approach to work, flexibility, cultural awareness, and sensitivity to relationships, security, and confidentiality.  Must have excellent and instinctive service and customer relationship skills.   Excellent organizational and project management skills are required. Must have excellent and instinctive service and customer relationship skills. Excellent organizational and contract and project management skills required. Solid writing and speaking skills required. 

Describe preferred (type and amount) of experience for competent performance in the job. 
Doctoral degree with completion of postdoctoral fellowship training and publication history in breast cancer research. Experience in grants or program administration, preferably in health research and/or scientific project development.   

Describe specialized knowledge requirements of the position. 
Knowledge of the scientific and research process, particularly research funding and grant-making operations. Knowledge of breast cancer, breast cancer research and understanding of and comfort with scientific methods and terminology. 

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