Job Opportunity: Science Deputy, Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington D.C.

Rachel Howell
September 19, 2014

The Science Deputy will report directly to the President. S(he) will serve as a liaison between the President and the staff of the six Carnegie Departments: Embryology, Global Ecology, Geophysical Lab, Observatories, Plant Biology, and Terrestrial Magnetism. S(he) will sometimes work with the Carnegie education programs. S(he) will work closely with the president to plan research plans, scientific conferences, lecture series, exhibits, and online presentations. S(he) will research and analyze specific areas of science to assess potential new projects and directions for the Institution. S(he) will sometimes be asked to investigate important science policy questions that relate to publicly funded and/or privately funded research enterprises.

The primary work site will be the Carnegie headquarters in Washington, address above, and residence in Washington or within commuting distance is required.

S(he) will make presentations to staff members based on this research and analysis. S(he) will draft reports and public statements about policy or science for the President. Excellent writing ability is therefore important. S(he) may be asked to attend science or policy conferences to report back on them and/or to represent Carnegie Science.

Other key attributes include people skills such as being a good listener, empathizing with other points of view, comprehending the different personalities and traditions in different scientific fields, being patient, and warmth and humor. The job will require a lot of energy and a positive attitude. Enjoyment of travel will help, since Institution departments are in four locations: Washington DC, Baltimore, Pasadena, and Stanford. Part of the work will occur at these sites. The Institution also manages projects in foreign countries and some travel to them may be required.

Ph.D. in geology, earth science, physics, astronomy, cosmology, chemistry, or related fields. Interest in a broad range of science reflecting the rich diversity and history of Carnegie Science.

A commitment to at least two years in the job is required. The job is suitable for someone planning a career in science management, policy, or foundation work in government, academia, or the private sector. The job will bring chances to work with outstanding scientists in fields from cosmology to geophysics to plant & animal biology and ecology. There will be much to learn and many exciting projects, and it will be fun.

Carnegie Institution for Science is an equal opportunity employer committed to increasing representation of women and minorities in science and science administration. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, veteran status, or disability.

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