Job Opportunity: Staff Scientist-Biomedical Informatics, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

Ashley Brady
January 24, 2017

Staff Scientist-Biomedical Informatics-1700083


Assists the principal investigator with manuscript preparation.  Design and carry out experiments using EHR based data resources independently.  Assist others in the implementation of experiments.  Write program for data analysis and visualization to be used by lab members. 

Key Functions and Expected Performances:

1.Independently oversee research projects and perform near to totally independent research. 

a.Supervise, plan, design and implement research projects

b.Establish highly complex protocol(s); define data collection, evaluation and analysis procedures

2.Supervise scientist data collection and analyses for research project(s) requiring independent interpretation of complex research data

3.Exercise discretion and independent judgment to overlap methods and procedures for operation of complex scientific equipment

a.Supervise set-up and operation of various scientific experiments involving complex apparatus and equipment

4.Contribute to research so as to merit serving as author or co-author on research publications, etc.

a.Assist principal investigator in writing research grants and contract proposals

b.Assists PI in manuscript preparation for scientist journals

c.Present research findings as needed

5.Responsible for plan and coordination of literature and library searches and data collection programs

a.Develop reports of results, graphs, charts, tables, etc. of research findings.

b.Supervise writing, reviewing and editing of various materials for publication

6.Provide supervisory responsibility to staff

a.Mentor and teach graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in developing their projects and on specific techniques and protocols

b.Train and supervise technical staff, medical and graduate students

c.Provide technical guidance to students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty as required

7.May provide budget responsibility

a.Make recommendations to principal investigator regarding staff, supply and equipment needs for research projects

b.May monitor expenditures of funds

8.Maintain open communication between department and others

a.Open contact as needed with principal investigator, collaborating professionals, purchasing, human resource services, space and facilities planning, asset management personnel, environmental health and safety, institutional review board staff, administrative staff relating to budget capabilities

b.Contact as required with sponsoring agencies and/or cooperating facilities (e.g. V.A.), collaborating professionals and vendors


Basic Qualifications
Job requires Doctorate and 2 years of experience or the equivalent.

Licensure, Certification, and/or Registration (LCR):



Primary Location

TN-Nashville-2525 West End Ave


 Biomedical Informatics 104785

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