Job Posting: Applied Research Scientist, Molecular Sensing, Inc

Kate Stuart
May 14, 2014

Molecular Sensing, Inc. (MSI), located in Nashville, Tennessee, is a commercial stage, drug discovery & life sciences research instrumentation company. MSI is commercializing the world’s first label-free, free solution, molecular interaction assay system based on Back-Scattering Interferometry (BSI). BSI is a proprietary, microchip assay technology first published in Science. It enables characterization of biomolecular interactions based conformation-sensitive detection and on very small quantities of drug target.

MSI offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience, health care and vacation benefits and employee stock options.

Job Description
MSI is seeking an experienced biophysicist or biochemist for scientific application work at our headquarter laboratories in Nashville, Tennessee. Major responsibilities involve development of binding assays and characterization of drug-target interactions for our pharmaceutical clients as part of our Drug Discovery Services outsourcing business.
The successful applicant has experience in the development and performance of bioanalytical ligand-target binding assays in the field of pharmaceutical drug discovery and target characterization. Furthermore, he/she will develop client work plans, conduct the assay development and screening work plan for client projects, provide written and oral communications with the client and support marketing and sales personnel by providing webinar presentations to prospective pharma clients.
Beginning in the fall of 2014, he/she will conduct training of new pharma clients on both BSI instrumentation and methods development techniques. There will be limited travel to client sites to install BSI instrumentation and provide on-site training.  
Desired Skills & Expertise 
Ph.D. in biochemistry, pharmacology or biophysics with experience in small molecule screening and assay development related to drug discovery research including excellent assay development skills. Good communication skills both written and oral.  Ability to work well with pharmaceutical client scientists to define work plans and manage project implementation of drug binding characterization assays. Direct experience with SPR, ITC, FRET, Thermophoresis or radiolabel techniques is a plus.  Candidate must have a strong interest in being part of a business startup company environment and associated career growth opportunities.
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