Job Posting: positions with DuPont Pioneer

Kate Stuart
April 28, 2014

DuPont Pioneer is looking for qualified candidates (Ph.D. and M.S.) in the areas of quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, biostatistics, computational biology, etc. While DuPont Pioneer is a company vested in agriculture (mainly plant sciences), they are one that needs individuals in the areas mentioned above to increase innovation and remain a leader in the agriculture field.  Most positions are located throughout the Midwest (Des Moines, IA is the largest site) and in Wilmington, DE (DuPont international headquarters).

Even though a trainee at Vanderbilt would not have a plant genetics or plant breeding background, it is not necessary, as many of the methods and key concepts directly relate to both biomedical sciences and the ag sciences.

Here is a brief description of what DuPont Pioneer would be looking for in a molecular research scientist:

  • PhD in agriculture or scientific field and minimum of 0-4 years industry related experience or relevant amounts of education and experience preferred. Post doctoral experience may serve as industry related experience.
  • An independent, highly motivated, and self-directed scientist is required.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and applied research experience in genomics and molecular biology.
  • Strong communication skills and a proven ability to work well in a team environment.
  • Experience or familiarity with quantitative/population genetics, meta-analysis and genome-wide prediction methods.
  • Knowledge of new statistical, breeding, and genomic analysis and technology applications.
  • Supervision/management, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Computer skills.

 To apply to any of these jobs, visit: