Job Posting: Tenure-Track Faculty, Molecular Biology/Systems Biology, The Geneva Foundation, US Army

Kate Stuart
December 4, 2014

The position requires skill, demonstrated expertise (by publications), and ability to provide scientific leadership in laboratory and intellectual aspects of molecular and systems biology. Work involves contributing to and development of research programs to investigate aspects of systems biology focusing on illnesses of military relevance, psychological and physiological health, host and immune responses, pathogenesis, and therapeutic strategies. The complexity of the work requires extensive collaboration with world-class experts. Experience is required and includes (a) experimental design, evaluation of the molecular, cellular and immunological response(s) using samples from clinical trials as well as from various animal models, with application of state of the art technologies; (b) analyses of host responses in general and integration with clinical aspects of the illness, c) excellence in writing manuscripts is required and experience in preparing grant proposals is desirable. Additional responsibilities include reporting results in scientific literature, presentations at national/international meetings, and preparation of agency briefings as needed. 

This position requires a skill and experience with basic laboratory molecular biology and global multi-omic techniques, demonstrated expertise in specialized techniques for preparing for many different types of global microarray or sequencing analyses; experience with multiple platforms and next-gen sequencing is essential. Capability in sterile culture methods is desirable. The position requires extensive experience and demonstrated capability in carrying out at least some aspects for analysis of large datasets, such as from global multi-omics, use of datasets for extracting key features, regulatory networks and integrating them with clinical aspects and identification of host correlates related to illnesses of military importance. The position may require working with hazardous materials and animals. The person must have appropriate experience and status for use of BioSafety Level 2 (BSL-2) containment.

SITUATION: The Integrative Systems Biology Program encompasses a group of ~7 Doctoral-level scientists with various skills including computational biology, molecular, cellular biology and physiological/clinical experience. Support staff includes 6 MS, 4 BS/BA and a number of students at various levels of their study. Affiliation with local universities is encouraged and expected. Laboratories and the vivarium are newly constructed and state-of-the-art. The laboratories are well-equipped.

Please attach a CV, pdf of up to 2 publications and contact information. Do not exceed 10 mb and only one message will be accepted per person. ZIP files are deleted through the firewall-Do not zip. Please email to the following 

The successful applicant initially will be a Contractor with The Geneva Foundation (Green card is desired); however, this is designed as a tenure-track opportunity leading to a permanent GS position (which requires US Citizenship). The Geneva Foundation provides an excellent benefit package. We are prepared to transfer the successful applicant from The Geneva Foundation to GS status within a year or appropriate time frame (depending on Citizenship issues). 

POSITION TYPE: Staff Scientist Position (Doctoral- level) @ US Army, Fort Detrick, MD. Integrative Systems Biology Program. Permanent residency required, US citizenship desired.This position is subject to a background investigation.

POSITION LOCATION: Frederick, MD (Fort Detrick Campus), in a building adjacent to the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLRC, formerly NCI).