Job Postings: two full time positions, ASM Education Team

Kate Stuart
March 20, 2016

Science Education Specialist – fulltime position to assist the ASM Education Team in written projects including releases, annual reports, education guidelines, curriculum, proposals and manuscripts.  Individual should have a background in the life sciences, passion for writing, and good analytical and organizational skills.  The position is a critical member of a busy and highly energetic team.  Position is effective immediately.

Scientific Training Fellowship – 1-year fulltime position to develop skills for a non-academic and non-research career.  The fellow will develop skills to initiate new training initiatives around emerging areas in the microbial sciences.  Of particular interest are projects that address management and business development for career microbial scientists AND/OR  pre-doctoral training in quantitative and computational understanding for microbiology educators.  The fellowship position affords one the opportunity to develop scientific skills for science education, communication or policy careers.  Fellowship is available June 2016.

Occasional travel is expected for both positions.