Just in from LinkedIn: Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities in Industry

Kim Petrie
November 18, 2013

Did you know that companies often post job or postdoctoral fellowship opportunities via social media outlets like LinkedIn? Here are three recent industry postdoctoral fellowship opportunities posted to the LinkedIn pages of major biotech firms. Click on the job title to visit the company's LinkedIn posting for more information:

Research Scientists, Postdoctoral Scientists - Boston Biomedical, Inc.

Postdoctoral Fellowship – RNA Biology Division, New England Biolabs

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Bioinformatics/Statistical Genetics, Genentech

To find opportunities like these, follow or subscribe to a company's social media page to have new opportunities appear in your news feeds. You can also visit the "careers" section of a company's social media site, or search for job opportunities on the "Jobs" section of the LinkedIn website. After you have identified potential opportunities, harness the real power of LinkedIn and find out who you know in the companies you're targeting. Reach out to those people for advice on your job search and intended career path. 

For more information on using social media resources like LinkedIn, mark your calendar to attend our spring networking workshop the afternoon of Tuesday, March 18.