Master list of federally funded R&D centers

Kim Petrie
June 4, 2014

One of the speaker's at the 2014 Annual Career Symposium, Dr. Morell-Falvey, is a scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In her Symposium presentation and the break-out sessions, Dr. Morell-Falvey highlighted the many ways that her career is similar to scientific careers in academia. She manages research projects and research facilities. Through an affiliation with nearby University of Tennessee, Dr. Morell-Falvey stays engaged in training and mentoring of doctoral students. Her job provides similar flexibility as academia.

One of the big differences that Jenny highlighted was that she often works in large, multi-disciplinary teams. She described herself as the "token biologist" on some projects, and she delights in the multiple disciplinary perspectives that are brought to bear on research problems.

ORNL is one of several dozen federally funded R&D centers across the country. If you are intrigued by careers like Dr. Morell-Falvey's, check out this list of federally funded R&D centers from the National Science Foundation. Maybe your future employer is on this list!