Nashville Healthcare Analytics Meetup Tuesday, November 14

Angela Zito
October 26, 2017
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Greater Nashville Healthcare Analytics Meetup 
Crafting your Professional Development Toolset for a Career in Healthcare Data Science
November 14, 2017
5:30pm - 7:30pm

5:30 PM, Networking & Food Arrives  
6:00 PM, Presentation 
7:15 PM, Wrap up  

Speaker: Lindsey Morris, PhD, Axial Healthcare

Speaker Bio: Lindsey Morris is the Director of Data Science & Analytics at axialHealthcare in Nashville, TN. She obtained her B.S. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University, both in Chemical Engineering. After completing a postdoctoral appointment in the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt in 2015, she entered the field of data science at axialHealthcare. During her time at Vanderbilt, she worked on a drug discovery project to characterize novel type 2 diabetes therapeutics, served as the President of the Postdoctoral Association, and competed in the TechVenture Challenge hosted by Life Science Tennessee. In her current position, she leads a team of data scientists who perform machine learning, statistics, and descriptive analytics on medical and pharmacy claims data. Lindsey and the data science team at axialHealthcare provide data-driven support tools to physicians and other healthcare providers to better manage their patients who are in pain and consume opioids.

Format: 45-min talk followed by open discussion and Q&A

Abstract: The interdisciplinary field of data science has become a sought-after career for PhDs in science and engineering disciplines, but what does a data scientist really do and how do postdocs and graduate students break into this field? In this talk, we’ll explore (1) activities of a data science team at a small healthcare startup and (2) tangible actions you can take to break into a healthcare data science career. Information and discussion will focus primarily on career development steps and advice for postdocs and graduate students and early-career data scientists.

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