Online Course: Scientists Teaching Science

Kate Stuart
May 5, 2015
Posted in Announcements

June 8 - August 10, 2015

Are you interested in teaching, but your students doze off during your lectures? Do they have a hard time answering the questions you ask? Do you find yourself wondering if there's a different way of teaching science than just talking to them and showing them slides and illustrations? How can you tell if your students really understand the information or have memorized vocabulary terms? Take the online course "Scientists Teaching Science" and learn about active learning, creating course objectives and test items, and finding ways to improve your teaching and assessment techniques for students of all ages.

Come practice with your peers under the instruction of a national award-winning science educator and author. There are no mandatory class meetings, and you can access the course on your phone. One-on-one engagement, personal review of written assignments, and personalized advice on teaching is guaranteed!

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