Online Webinar: "Freelance Medical Writing: How to Use Your Scientific Background to Make a 6-Figure, Work-At-Home"

Kate Stuart
September 26, 2014
Posted in Announcements

This webinar will describe some of the basics you need to know to get your freelance medical writing business up and running, and will answer some general questions, including the following: 

• What is the scope of medical writing? 
• How do I get work if I have no samples or experience?
• How feasible/realistic is it to make money as a freelance medical writer? 
• How do I transition from a scientific/academic career—what kind of time frame will it take? 
• What preparation do I need and how do I get my first clients?

Bio: Dr. Nichols founded Hitt Medical Writing (HMW), LLC, in 2001, immediately after finishing graduate school. Dr. Nichols’ PhD is in the area of cancer-related signal transduction from Emory University. She also has an MS in technical and professional communication. Dr. Nichols has years of experience writing about targeted therapies for disease states, including oncology, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, HIV, and hepatitis, and other topics. Dr. Nichols’ also sends out the HittListTM, a popular weekly email containing medical writing jobs and has for several years offered a 6-week online course: “Everything you Need to Know to Start Your Freelance Medical Writing Business” which has helped many people launch a medical writing career. More information available at

Webinar available here: