Postdoctoral position available Lab of Dr. Christine Lovly, Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center, VUMC

Angela Zito
March 20, 2017

We are accepting applications for a post-doctoral fellow position in the laboratory of Dr. Christine Lovly. The Lovly Lab specializes in translational lung cancer research, signal transduction, mechanisms of adaptive and acquired resistance to targeted therapies, genomics, and personalized structural biology. Recent work in the lab has been published in high impact journals, including Cancer Discovery and Nature Medicine.

The Lovly lab is located within the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center, which offers a dynamic, multidisciplinary environment with close interaction with other basic and clinical scientists. This is an ideal opportunity for a highly motivated and committed biologist to make an important contribution to understanding lung cancer biology. 

The Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center is located within Nashville, TN. Nashville, aka ‘Music City, offers a vibrant professional and personal setting, with thriving industries (music and health care) and a growing start-up scene. The city also offers excellent cost of living, professional sports, and great outdoor activities.

We invite applications from individuals with:

• An interest in translational lung cancer research
• Exceptionally motivated, creative and committed to scientific discovery
• Strong background and publication record in molecular and cellular biology, with experience in mammalian cell culture and murine studies

Please send a cover letter and CV to: 
Christine Lovly, MD, PhD