RCR Day 2016: May 16

Kate Stuart
April 5, 2016
Posted in Announcements

The annual full day RCR training is scheduled for Monday, May 16th from 8 am-5:30 pm in 208 LH.  


RCR Training Day FAQ's

Pre-registration IS required by following this link- http://bit.ly/229Lx1D (also available on the RCR page of the BRET website)

Once a participant has submitted their registration request (via the link above), they will be sent a bill for $25.  They will then take the bill to their admin/financial officer to get an 1180.

1st year IGP and QCB students will be handled by me.  If you have 1st year direct admits, please have them use the online registration.  

Morning check-in begins at 7:45 a.m.

Lunch is provided.

As in the past, I am happy to field registration questions, but any questions regarding whether or not RCR is required for a particular student must be handled following the steps below.


Vanderbilt University RCR Training Requirements

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is committed to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of research.  In 2002, we initiated a policy that successful completion of this course was required to graduate with the PhD degree.


We offer an introductory presentation on lab ethics to incoming graduate students immediately upon arrival. We focus on defining and avoiding plagiarism, fabrication, and falsification. After the completion of the first year course, and at the time students choose thesis research labs, we require attendance at a full day (9 hour) symposium on all aspects of RCR as defined by the ORI. This full day training is always scheduled for the Monday directly following May graduation.


The full day RCR training held in May is a requirement for Vanderbilt graduation.  Additionally, all students and postdocs supported by the NIH are required to attend the full day training


Wonder if you have to attend this training?